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About The Small
Business Report

Giving you all the tools you need to succeed

The Small Business Report is a weekly hour long radio show for small businesses that is balanced between light-hearted and serious. It is for the small business owner and for those that are thinking about going into business. This shows serves as a weekly resource of information that reports on business growth and development.

The Small Business Report highlights small business owners’ success stories, failures and lessons learned. The show features subject matter experts that counsel small businesses in the areas of business plan development, financing, marketing, social media, branding, regulatory and safety and much more.

The Small Business Report talks to large businesses and government agencies that provide insight on how to successfully do business with them and finally we discuss the virtues of membership with business advocacy and support organizations.

Meet the Hosts

Carl Brown

Executive Producer / Host

Sharrarne Morton

Producer / Co-Host

Who will be featured in
The Small Business Report?

Successful Small Business Owners

Government Officials

From various industries, including Construction


Chambers of Commerce

Banks, Economic Development Corp.

Contract Officers, Small Business Specialists, OSDBU Representatives, Certification Specialists

Executives from Large Corporations

Supplier Diversity, Procurement/Buyers, Loan Officers

Subject Matter Experts

Loan Packaging, Marketing, Social Media, Project Management

The subject matter will change weekly so please tune-in. If you have any ideas, or want to be on the show or want a certain subject covered, send us an email at feedback@themsmallbusinessreport.biz